Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing: The Key To Engaging With Customers

What if you could send a message to everyone that walked through your door?

Proximity marketing lets you do exactly that. While customers are in your shop, restaurant, showroom or whatever your business is, a message / notification can be sent direct to their Android device. The message is delivered using Google Nearby, which is installed on all Android devices as standard. So approximately 50% of everyone that comes through your door is a potentially your proximity marketing target audience.

What can you send?

Location Location Location
A proximity message example

A short, 50-character, message can be sent to customers to attract their attention and intrigue. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, the message text is just the tip of the iceberg. The message is more of a call to action than anything else. When customers click on the it, they are sent to a landing page. So, the content of the landing page allows you to promote whatever you want, and in much more detail.

Proximity marketing can be used to promote just about anything. We’ve had interest from clients looking to use proximity marketing for various purposes, including:

  • Attracting reviews.
  • Sending special offers.
  • Showing a specials menu.
  • Building social media channels and engagement.
  • Promoting up and coming events.
  • Giving customers more information about the business.

Messages and landing pages can be tailored for different times of the day. One of our clients wants to run special offers at quieter times to increase revenue and average transaction value during those periods, outside of those times they want to drive reviews. Different messages and landing pages can be used for each purpose. The messages will be built into a schedule which will be used to ensure the messages are delivered at the best time for the client. The schedule can be changed fairly quickly and easily if required.

There’s no limit to how many messages can be used. However, only one can be sent at a time. For example, you could have one message in the morning (7am-12pm), then change it for the afternoon (12pm-5pm) and finally have one in the evening (5pm – 8pm).



How does it work?

Landing page
Send customers to a landing page of your choice

The technology uses Bluetooth to broadcast a message. The message is received by mobile phones within the broadcast range. Google’s Nearby service then displays the message as a notification, customers can click the notification, which then takes them to a landing page. The landing page provides more space for you to get detailed information and sales messages across to the recipient.

When the person leaves the broadcast range, the message disappears from their phone, regardless of whether they have seen it or not. This stops people having hundreds of messages from unwanted sources that they have walked past during the day. It also means that your message will be picked up only by people who are actually likely to engage with it. It also stops the service from being intrusive to customers. If customers don’t want to receive the notifications, they can opt out of Google Nearby at any time.

So, what is it?

We supply a little box, just a bit bigger than the size of a packet of AA batteries. The box needs to be placed where it will have maximum effect to cover the required area (a central area is best, but we can work with you to find the best spot). That’s all you physically need. We work our magic on the box before we send it to you.  It’s programmed to send out message(s) as often as you require, we then set up the distance it will send messages over (up to 100 metres) and the times that messages are sent.

We can build and host mobile responsive landing pages for you. They can be hosted on a dedicated URL that’s specific to your business.  This means that all traffic to that specific URL will come directly from customers that have picked up the message from your proximity marketing box. Messages and content can be changed as and when you need us to change it, we just need time to schedule it in. We will work with you to ensure that proximity marketing is part of your integrated marketing strategy if you have a new product launching or event coming up that you want to promote and give a boost extra boost to.

How do I start engaging with my customers using proximity marketing?

Call Martin on 07732 005301, or fill in the form below with your details. We’ll call you back to have a chat about how we can proximity marketing can work for you.