Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Businesses

The world of social media gives you access to a potential huge audience, but you have to understand the nuances of the social channels to make the most out of it. Social media is about much more than likes and follows, you need to be engaging and relevant in order to make the most of your social marketing.

Paid Social

Small businesses can make use of paid social media to reach an audience much wider than just their own following, this needs to be carefully considered and targeted in order to ensure that there is as little waste in marketing spend as possible. For instance, Facebook has a wide variety of demographic, location, social and behavioural fields which, if used correctly, can be used to ensure that any adverts you run are only seen by your target market, so you don’t spend money on your advert going to people who would not be interested in your product or service.

Using Social to Target Locally

Due to the investment in targeting within the social channels, social media is now considered as one of the most important communications channels for small businesses looking to target specific areas and locations. where local press and door-drops  used to be the only viable options to target a certain areas, now social media allows you to advertise in those areas and be even more specific about who sees your advert.

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